Working and studying is easier with the 150 hours

By Doriana Nigro

Translation Elena Khaliman

The University of Trento has published new calls for proposals for the development of various part-time collaboration activities at academic structures of the Opera Universitaria.

Each student will be able to participate in the selection by completing an appropriate application online between July 12 and September 28 and indicating which activities, among those proposed, he or she intends to compete. The collaborative activities are divided into five areas:

• Administrative tasks

• Computer Activity

Activities in Support of Opera Universitaria facilities

• Orientation Activities

• Specialized Activities

The collaborative activities may range from a minimum of 150 to a maximum of 400 hours, with the level of compensation that varies, depending on the complexity of the work, from 6 to 9 € / hour. The call is open to all students, including Erasmus, Trentino enrolled at the University of Trento at least for one year and for no more than a year of normal duration of their course of study (4 years for the Bachelor, 3 years for the Master, 6 years for the single-cycle degrees).

The part-time collaboration activities are another way for students have to live their university lives, making their contributions to the improvement of services for the students themselves and participating in the academic life more broadly. In this sense, among other activities, also it is proposed to build cooperation with the Editorial Services (sector B of the notice), covering essentially all of the journalism and radio broadcasting activities connected with SanbaRadio, the radio of the university students of Trento . It is undoubtedly a task that requires commitment and interest, but which is always able to encourage new experiences, from  interacting directly with others, putting aside all shyness and insecurity resulting from it, always looking for information and details that concern the university life. SanbaRadio is a great opportunity to learn how to cooperate with others, it is a source of creativity where everyone can freely express their ideas and propose many initiatives, without neglecting the basic objective: informing and entertaining of the students.