Welcome to new students

by Olena Khaliman

We are very happy that now you are a part of the student community of Trento, and we want to give you a warm welcome. The departments and the centers of the University of Trento have organized welcome days for the new students with official greetings and briefings on the services and opportunities in the university. This year there are about 3,500 new students to be enrolled in Bachelor and Master's degree courses and in the single-cycle degree.

From 12 to 19 September, there have been events organized by different departments. During the celebrations there were presented information stands of the University structures such as: the Esse3 and online services; the University Library; the University Language Centre; the Opera Universitaria; the college career and opportunities for international mobility; the Job Guidance; the UNISPORT and others.

According to a Censis ranking published by the Republic on May 30 and covering  the academic year 2016-2017, the University of Trento has been assigned the final ranking 99.8 among the medium-sized universities. The high ranking of our university significantly influences the student’s choices this year.

We also asked the newcomer students why they had chosen our university and 98% of them responded that the University of Trento is one of the top universities in the rankings and it offers more support to students than other universities. We also met many students who graduated in Economics in Milan, in Anthropology in Rome – Sapienza, and who have chosen the University of Trento to further their academic life.

We are very happy that you are here with us, and we hope that this new experience here in Trento will be pleasant and satisfying for you.

To see photos of Welcome day in the Department of Sociology and Social Reserch , you can see the album