Quarantine Radio – 1st Episode

voices from quarantine

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Quarantine Radio - 1st Episode

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QuarantineRadio – voices from quarantine

In today's episode we listened to the speech the President of the students residece made to the community of students.

Then we've had the contribute of Centro Musica, Ponte radio, made by Lorenzo Frizzera. 

We tought also that during this quarantine everybody needs to be well informed. In fact, we've selected for you a piece of information that comes directly from the Governament.

At the end we've heard the voice of Nicola, a student that wanted to share with us how is he spending his time during quarantine.

In every episode we want to share students' voices, we want people to be a part of Quarantine Radio. 

If you're an association and want to collaborate with us, you can contact us at info@sanbaradio.it