Quarantine Radio – 13th Episode

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Quarantine Radio - 13th Episode

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In this 13th Episode of QuarantineRadio we've heard:

– The voice of our students: Tatiana telling us how she's living her quarantine

– Fabio Perinelli from AdR performing a short story he wrote himself.

– news provided by Beatrice Facchetti from the newswroom of Sanbaradio

– Climate change is a crisis that wont' be stopped with just isolation

– the voice of the opera: the experience of Antonella, once a 150 hours students that worked with the opera

We do inform you that on the 2nd of May there will be the Sanbaperol! Do you have specific requests for the song you want to listen to? Tell us!


You can get in touch with us and send us your voice messages to tell us how you're living your quarantine! If you're an association and want to collaborate with us, you can contact us at info@sanbaradio.it