The New Student’s Guide to the Galaxy. Chapter 3. Concessions for students in Trento

Chapter 3. Concessions for students in Trento

by Elena Khaliman

Perhaps, not everyone knows, but there are several benefits provided by law and aimed right at us, students. Let'slook at them in details.

Scholarships. The scholarships for those who attend the University of Trento can be obtained with the help of the Opera Universitaria. They are divided into scholarships for the students, who are already resident in Trentino and students who are not resident in Trentino. There are even scholarships for the students residents in Trentino, who study outside of the province. Also in this case the entity of reference is the Opera Universitaria. The Opera Universitaria is headquartered in Sanbapolis in via the Malpensada and you can find all the information on their website

Exemption from the tax contribution and brackets of reduced tax contribution. A part of students benefiting from the scholarship are also entitled to a tax exemption, partial or total. A new publication is issued every year, where you could see all the relevant information For all the students, there is also a matter of the contribution according to the income brackets. For the purpose of calculating Indicator of Family Economic Condition (ICEF), each student is placed in a specific income bracket, on the scale from 1 to 13. To calculate ICEF you must fill out a ICEF substitute declaration for all members of the family and declare the composition of their family with its details, which can be submitted at one of the CAF with the Autonomous Province of Trento and the University of Trento. The list of participating branches is available here: The ICEF declaration may be submitted  free of charge starting the first days of July. In case of failure to calculate the ICEF, the student will be assigned a higher tax bracket corresponding to the bracket 13 in the contribution system adopted by UniTrento.

Housing service. Again, Opera Universitaria is here to help by offering to eligible students several accommodations, such as the dormitory for students of St. Bartolameo and several apartments in the city center. For more information you should consult the tender for awarding of the scholarship and the local housing, for the exemption of the provincial TSSA for the right to study and tuition fees, , which can be found at Not many of you know, that in Trento there is the College of Merit Bernardo Clesio, which has a limited number of seats reserved for students with particularly high academic performance and high motivation. For more information see the website: However there are many students, who proceed directly to renting private apartments with their friends-roommates.

Contributions to international mobility. These contributions are granted to those wishing to participate in international mobility programs in the European Union (Erasmus) and in non-European countries, conduct dissertation research abroad, pursue a double degree, and so on. For more information about the international mobility visit the site:

Restaurant service. In Trento there are  5 canteens in operation, two in the city center and three on the hill (1 in Mesiano and 2 in Povo), as well as three Bar-café: a Mesiano, in the scientific-technological center and the Student San Bartolameo (UNIBAR). There are also several places that offer lunch specials for students.

Transport. To access the discounts reserved to the category "University students" you must adopt a smart card. To apply for the card it is enough to turn to a ticket office of Trentino trasporti esercizio or Trenitalia. The pass for city public transport for students is € 26.50 per month or 180 € per year. There are also regional / provincial passes for university students that allow you to make an unlimited number of trips on ordinary trains (Regional) and mileage included in the tariff borders of a region or province. If you are interested see the details in website:

From September 1, 2016 there will not be any age limits for new cardholders for the bus, so even students over 29 years old will benefit from the special student discount.

Part-time student collaborations. We're talking about 150 hours of part-time collaborations. Every year, the Opera Universitaria offers a possibility of a part-time collaborative work as a part of its institutional activities. Approximately 120 students enrolled at the University of Trento, from the second year and up to the first year after graduating from the university.

UNI sports. There is no shortage of sport facilities. Just go to Uni.Sport ( and sign up. The annual membership fee is 20 € (including card CUS) for students enrolled at the Trento and € 30 for employees and collaborators of the Opera Universitaria, the C.U.S. Trento and the University of Trento. In this way you will receive a card that will allow you to have free access to gyms and the University and Opera systems, benefit from the conventions and discounts with more than 60 public and private entities (including all the ski-lifts of Trentino) and subscribe to numerous courses of many sports disciplines dedicated to the card holders.

 SanbaRadio. Here we are! We are the university radio of Trento, where students can find useful information and share their story.