Festival of Economics 2016: “Where growth takes place”

The most followed festival in Trentino, which is perhaps one of the events that make our region more known around the World, Festival of Economics returns to Trentino. After a record year with nearly 400 accredited journalists – coming from Italy, Spain, England, France, USA and China and 1,920,000 connections to the site of the Festival of Economics. The 11th edition of the festival was announced on Thursday, May 5 in Rome, at the publishing house Laterza.

This year's theme is " Where growth takes place ". During the festival presentation, the scientific director of the Festival Tito Boeri explained the reasons behind this argument : « …the economic geography of the world shows an increasing concentration of economic growth in relatively few large cities, capable of attracting human capital and stimulating innovation. The economic hierarchy not only of countries, but also of cities has changed radically and is constantly evolving. There are many “new entries” as well as many demotions in the urban hierarchy around the world.

Study of the economic and demographic growth of these new areas is fundamental, in order to understand not only the ingredients that are necessary for economic growth, but also the ideal mixture and the recipe required if it is wished to stimulate growth.».


Also satisfied with the theme of the conference was the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento Ugo Rossi, who also spoke at the festival presentation last Thursday: « We are particularly pleased with the choice of this theme, which is also connected to the theme of our autonomy, in the year in which we begin a very important journey into our future, starting with the Statute revision process. I believe that the discussion of the third Statute of Autonomy accompanied with a reflection on a global scale, within the Festival, which should cast a look at other economic and territorial experiences similar to ours, can be very useful and very enriching.

Trentino has invested in this venture because we understand that this is a great opportunity for us. It is an investment in democracy and strengthening of the democracy requires places and occasions where certain themes may be explored beyond the logical demagogic and utilitarian attitude. The Festival has advanced in the direction of addressing the problems by bringing people to common issues of great scientific rigor and speakers of international caliber.»

«I have always been impressed – said the publisher Giuseppe Laterza during the festival presentation of the festival – with how a territory, characterized ofby strong of identity, such as Trentino, is also able to be open to different points of view. The great merit is that both of the Province and the fabric of education in Trentino, are represented by the University. We will have a new format (Spotlight) – highlighted Laterza – which was inspired by the work of journalists in the Boston Globe that inspired the Oscar-winning film.

We conceived of three themes: the fund Atlas, which is presented by Alessandro Penati; the Mondadori case-Rizzoli, with Marco Gambaro and the case Panama Papers, about which Vincenzo Visco will speak. We will address in depth also the issue of immigration and refugees. The economic magnifying glass will be very useful in this regard, presenting data, statistics. We will speak not only about principles and values, but also economic benefits. There are evidences – he concluded – is that economists have a lot to say on the subject, which can even refute the worst rhetoric of with which unfortunately are filled our media.»

The Provincial Government has approved a memorandum of understanding with which the Province, city and the University confirm their commitment to the Festival for the next three years.

The rector of the University of Trento Paolo Collini explained: This is a great chance for the University of Trento. We are ingaged in the Festival at least in three ways: because the university is a place of knowledge and it is a place of cohabitation of young people and the festival allows Trento to be at the center of the world for a few days. In addition, this year's theme, as always happens more often, pulls us in because the university is a contributor to the economic growth. The Festival – he concluded – is an extraordinary opportunity for students and teachers to explore the world of knowledge and an enrichment factor.»

The festival will offer comparisons of approaches of politicians, economists and journalists. Tito Boer added: «This eleventh edition wants to study more deeply the territorial issues by addressing an area only recently rediscovered by economists: the economy of space and geography. We will host economists, urban planners, demographers and sociologists who are experts in agglomeration processes. We will give space to those who have now or had in the past an active role in the governance of territories, who are aware that the rapid growth or decline of an area pose complex problems of governance, not only at the local level .»

From June 2 to Jue 5 come back the squirrel (the symbol of the festival) comes back to the city with many events:

THURSDAY, June 2: The festival will open with the conference on the new geography of the work with Professor Enrico Moretti , an economist at the University of California at Berkley. Kaushik Basu from India, the Senior Vice-President of the World Bank, will analyze the roots of the crisis and future prospects, especially in emerging economies. The day will end at the Auditorium Santa Chiara, with a concert by the choir and orchestra of Bonporti Conservatory of Trento and Riva del Garda.

FRIDAY, June 3: Ugo Rossi, the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Debora Serrachiani, the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Roberto Maroni, the governor of Lombardy, will step-in to contribute their opinion on the issues of the economic growth and regional policies. We will discuss the future of Europe with Jörg Asmussen, a member of the ECB board and the Undersecretary of State of the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs.

Saturday, June 4: The governors of the Bank of France and Italy, François Villeroy and Ignazio Visco respectively will discuss a possibility of establishing a European finance ministry. The Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni will speak about “places of the crisis “.

Sunday, June 5: The speakers will be Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labour and Pier Carlo Padoan, Minister of Economy. The Festival will close at 18:30 at the Teatro Sociale with a talk by the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Michael Spence, who along, with Tito Boeri, will analyze the prospects of the economic growth in a wide-ranging discussion in the light of the ideas that would have emerged during the festival.

The festival will involve squares and streets of the historic center of Trento with numerous activities and initiatives: Piazza Duomo will be protagonist of the usual “Library Festival”. There will be workshops for children and teenagers with many creative and educational proposals, the Infopoint of the Festival and a large screen will allow everybody watch live major events, and also there will be a possibility to rent bikes for free at the Festival Bicigrill.

Piazza Fiera will host a village of taste of Trentino with "Arts and Flavours of the Festival."

Piazza C. Battisti the designers humorists will arrive with their "Pencils at work (black)". Every day, we will have caricatures and satire, but also creative design workshops for the little ones.

A new location – this year is Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, which will host workshops and entertainment on the theme of the social economy, by the Franco Demarchi Foundation.

We, representatives of Sanbaradio, ll will be there for you, directly from the Old Town, to tell you about this important Festival and broadcast our programs right from the middle of sparkling orange festival environment.

Picture: Uff. Printing of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Text: Nicola Pifferi

Translation: Olena Khaliman