A TV series recommended for each department.

A TV series recommended for each department.

by Elena Khaliman 

It is always a good idea to study, but a little bit of relaxation would not hurt either. Would you like to watch a TV series but do not know which one to choose?  Here are the shows that may be right for you, according to the particular department or the university center that you attend.

  1. Economics and management. The suggestion that may be right for you is How to Make It in America. This is a story of two young entrepreneurs, Kem and Ben, who are looking for the american dream. They are fashionable, go to parties, but can not find their place in the world. What is the solution? They start their own busines. Thanks to a trip (which, by the way was illegal) of exclusive fashion clothes.
  2. Law. Here we recommend a show Suits.  After having escaped from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a young and brilliant college dropout, finds himself at a job interview with one of the best New York lawyers Harvey Specter. Harvey, tired of the previous candidates, decides to risk and hire Mike, who turns out to be his diamond in the rough.
  3. Physics.This is easy. The Big Bang Theory is about two brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, two “great minds” who understand how the “the universe works.” But their genius does not in any way help them interact with other people, especially with women. Everything changes when they meet Penny. Other interesting characters in the show are their friends and colleagues Wolowitz, a guy with constant turtlenecks and quotes in various languages, and Rajesh Kutrapali, who is always speachless in the presence of wimen.
  4. Civil, Environmental, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Your TV show is Eureka - a secret high-tech citie in Oregon, populated with brilliant scientists working on new research. The city is run by a company called Global Dynamics controlled the US Department of Defense.
  5. Computer Science and Engineering. A TV show for you is Chuck. One day, a simple guy Chuck, who works at a mall, finds himself in possession of all the secrets of the US Secret Service. His head becomes a supercomputer owned by the US government.
  6. Literature and Philosophy. The award-winning show Game of Thrones revolves around the power centers of the Seven Kingdoms. In a world where everyone - from the king to a mercenary - is in a fight for power, there is also room for generosity, passion and love. Meanwhile, nobody notices the awakening of the darkness from the legends of the darkness from the legends at the north outside of the Seven Kingdoms.
  7. Mathematics. We recommend you a show The Code. The world around us is a secret code that helps us read the laws governing the universe. The numbers are everywhere, in the past and the future, in the animals and in the society. And they are handled by Professor Marcus Du Sautoy.
  8. Psychology and Cognitive Science. Show Lie to me is right for you. Each person's lies on average 3 times per 10 minutes of conversation. Dr. Lightman is able to uncover any lie. Just a movement, a small gesture is enough for him. But can a man be happy knowing that everybody constantly lies?
  9. Sociology and Social Research. We recommend The good wife: the story of a mother who finds herself carrying on her shoulders the whole family following a sex and corruption scandal involving her husband. In this difficult situation she finds support from an old friend who offers her to work in an law firm.
  10. CIBIO – Center of Integrated Biology. Your TV show is Doctor House, which is about work of a team of doctors lead by House, a very talented but bad-tempered doctor. He chooses the most complex cases and solves them piece by piece thanks to his great intuition.
  11. CAAA - Interdepartmental Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environment. How about watching The Mind of a Chef, in which one of the most intelligent, creative and well-known chefs recounts the great frame of his character.
  12. CIMeC - Interdepartmental Center for Mind / Brain Sciences. A show for you is Orphan black, the story of Sarah - an orphan who feels detached from the rest of the world, who becomes an involuntary witness to the suicide of a woman just like her. An uncovered mystery that would reveal that she was not actually alone.
  13. SSI – The School of International Studies. We recommend you House Of Cards, the vicissitudes of the ambitious US Democratic Congressman Frank Underwood, and the dynamics put in action by him with a complicity and challenge from his wife Claire. It features a great cast and frequent, even sometimes disturbing, references to real events.

Enjoy watching those shows.



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