Top 5 local attractions to visit in the city center

Top 5 local attractions to visit in the city center

by Elena Khaliman

Trento isn’t a big city, so it’s easy to reach every part of it on foot or by public transport. However it’s always very comfortable to stay in the city center.  There are some interesting local attractions to visit, it’s just that some students don’t know about them. 

 As a part of the educational activities of the course "Quantitative methods" of Master degree in Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento, participating students have carried out a social research in Trento center aimed to identify particularly active locals which organize music events. Here is the result of this survey with Top 5 local attractions to visit according to their judgment and the data collected.

Liber Café is a very beautiful place, very simple but with a good taste.  The location is fairly new. One of the main tasks of Café Liber is to give new life to the area of Piazza Dante and to make the life in Trento more dynamic and fun. Not only does it look like a place that serves food and drinks but also like a meeting place that integrates the commercial aspect with the cultural one. Promoted here is a big variety of events such as: Latin dance, tango music, Latin music, meetings with writers, Europe music, silent party with headsets and apericena (every day from 18:00 to 20:00). Every day from Monday to Friday they make a promotion to attract more people: café/cappuccino + croissant at 2 euros.

Every Wednesday evening, at 18.00 they organize in collaboration with Spotted UNITN the Apericena Universitario and from 21:00 till midnight the DJ set.

L’Arsenale It is a very peculiar place, made for people who like mostly rock music even if the local offers a lot of different types of music.  Most events are completely free but reserved only to the members with a valid membership card ARCI, which is valid for 1 year (you can use it in every ARCI pub). The card costs only 8 Euros. So, if you want to participate for free in their events you need to get an ARCI card.

The place is created for students, so if you go to a concert there, you will find a lot of students, but also some other people who just like to hear the music. Very often they put their program for the evening on their Facebook page, so you will know all their news.

La Corte is a sophisticated place. On their Facebook page, it is written that La Corte positions itself like an eco-store and has the primary objectives to strengthen both the quality of food and savings and as well as to spread proper nutrition awareness. The innovative thing of this local is that you can have lunch or dinner there and after that you can buy the ingredients at their eco-store.

La Corte promotes some events such as music concerts and Dj sets every Friday. You can choose between different type of bio food; every day the chef offers you the menu of the day. The prices are absolutely affordable.

Bookique is a literary café. They popularize a variety of events such as book festivals, music festivals, public readings and so one. On their website, it  is written: “the Bookique is the only place in town in which you don’t see the mountains”. Mostly you would want to go there to leasing to  the Indie rock genre or Blues music, as well as some others

On the website of Boutique you can always see the full program for the week –Bookweek or the program for the entire month.

H-demia. An interesting thing is that Italian native speaker will pronounce the name of the bar as Aka-demia, but English speakers will pronounce it as H-demia. It is a popular place for University students in Trento. It looks like a loft: the ground floor and a mezzanine above where bands can play music. H-demia was born to be a place for those who want to live and enjoy night life with good live music and special drinks. On all occasions there might be talented bands and artists from many parts of Italy. Brining live music to people is the main goal of the bar. 

They organize El Buffet every Wednesday from 19:00, and a live music concert every Tuesday -LiveTuesday.                                  

So here they are 5 places to visit just to not be bored about your life in Trento. 

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