The New Student's Guide to the Galaxy. Chapter 2. Esse3

The New Student's Guide to the Galaxy. Chapter 2. Esse3

Chapter 2. Esse3

by Elena Khaliman

Hello, Welcome to the University of Trento. We wrote this article just for you, because we want to help you feel at ease while having  this new experience.

We know that for you Esse3 is something new, and we want to explain you how it works.

Esse3 is an online service for didactics. You can access with service with yours university's account or with your health card. Within Esse3 you can find a wealth of information that can be useful for you.

There is, for example, a section dedicated to the Commynity in which there are slides and information that professors want to share with their students. After having selected the course you are interested in you can find all the materials, even in already completed editions.

Let us discuss other sections of the service. Home in Esse3 contains your personal details and your current standing in relation to the course of study.

Registrar_s office  provides general information about your university status and exam registrations made by you over the years. Here you can also check taxes, payment status and you can download the certificates  (such as the registration certificate with exams, self-certification, etc.). The voice Enrolment allows for enrollment in admission competitions. Here you can also confirm place or preregister for the course of your preference.

In Study Plan you can see information about the educational activities included in your career plan, if it has already been compiled, or build a new kernel. But what is it? The Study  Plan is usually defined twice a year at the half term of the study, but this process varies from one department to another, so you should better inquire with the Didactics office of yours departments.

Career contains two very important things for the student: the Record Book and the Transfer application. In the Record Book, you will see the exams that you include in your study plan, if they have been passed or not, the date of each examination and the related score. You can also see here your weighted average of the evaluations. In the Transfer application you will see the lists of the transfers that have been received and their approval status.

Under Exams you will see dates and information on the exam registration to the various appeals. It is important not to forget to subscribe to the appeal before the exam, bearing in mind that usually the registration closes a few days before the exam. For each course attended by a student and / or for each course for which the students intends to take the exam, the student is asked to express their opinion through a questionnaire, which must be filled online at the registration appeal. This step is required: if you do not fill out the questionnaire, you will not be able to join. In this menu you can also see the Reservation notice board where you can find a complete history of booking operations for appeals made by you. The Exam results notice board contains the results of exams already communicated by the teacher. You can choose and communicate directly your decision to refuse the ballot and repeat the exam.

Still there are some more interesting pages. Tirocini e stage contains all the information of the opportunities, applications, saved searches, and the methods of managing placements.

Communicazioni contains the message board by the university, although almost always the university sends the information also by e-mail to the address assigned to you by the university. You must use this e-mail to write to various offices or professors at the university.

International mobility contains the list of the International Mobility Bans.

Finally, there is an entry to the aforementioned questionnaires to fill out before you sign up for the appeals.

If you still have any doubts or problems with Esse3, please do non hesitate to contact Didactic office of your department.

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