The General tutoring starts!

The best support for the new students’ orientation

The General tutoring starts!

How many times during your first year were you thinking about not understanding how the University worked? How many times did you wasted your time trying to figure out which office to contact to solve your problems? What if you wanted to "just" talk to an older more experienced student to ask for some advice? Well, now you will not have these problems thanks to the new offer of the general tutoring at UniTn.

Who are the tutors? And what is their job? The tutors are simply students of the fourth or fifth year at the university who are assigned the task to provide help based simply on their own student’s experience, such as to give indications on how to participate in an announcement for Erasmus or simply how to face a new hostile subject of study. Starting, this week at all the departments, it will be possible to find at dedicated locations, tutor students whot will be fully available for two hours to those who need them (and to the newcomer students in particular) to help those students resolve any doubts. In addition, in a situation when there is a time conflict with classes or when a doubt arise that provide requires an ad hoc solution for a particular problem, one can request an appointment by writing an email to Tutor- (department / faculty of belonging) (for example, in order to contact the department of law you will need to write to:

So, if you need an advice please do not hesitate to contact the tutoring service!

Text: D.C.

Translation: Olena Khaliman


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