Cloudy with a chance of World War

2020 is on and things are off to a blast - literally!

di Mukilan Suresh

Vacation fatigue looms over the students as they return from their homes or their adventurous travels. As people struggle getting a grip to recover from their extravagant Christmas dinners and exciting new year party hangovers, the exam season sets in tensioning the mood and making people question their preparations or better – questioning their sanity!

Fret not, maybe you can feel good about something else, like your new year resolutions. Oh wait! it has been a week into the new year, and we all know how things turn out to be. Okay that did not go the way we wanted it to be, so at least let us turn toward the world news to bring us happiness.  Protests in pretty much every conceivable country, tensions over the Middle East (with some dank memes about world war), Australia burning wild and other huge messes all around the globe. We wanted a good beginning to 2020 – a bright new decade with positive change, sadly all we are getting so far is climate change.  

I know, there is so much to be done and here we are whining by overindulging with all these information and concerns. This I would say is an excellent moment to take a deep breath and ponder over all the things I have said before.  There has and will always be problems to tackle throughout life but at this self-reflecting moment, I would like you to emphasize on the word “Priority”.  Having empathy over things is what makes us human but at the same moment, abundance of concern leads to a phenomenon called ”empathy fatigue”. So, do yourself a favour and drop the concerns that are beyond your control and look towards yourself on what can be changed now. Hydrate yourself, avoid distractions, focus on your immediate goals and of course reward yourself for the efforts you put in for yourself & others. Eventually things will fall into place and you’ll be all good.

I would expect you to have faith in my previous statement, not the holy kind but the kind of faith that you’d put in yourself. If you don’t trust in your abilities, who would?

So, keep going and you got this. Little baby steps in the right direction and there you have it, seizing 2020 in the way you wanted! Here is a final quote to get you thinking more pragmatically and start working for the present; a famous quote from the ancient scripture Bhagavad Gita:

“Whatever happened was good. What’s happening is going well. Whatever will happen will also be good. Do not worry for the future. Live in the present.”

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