Degree in Musicology: a trilingual course.

Degree in Musicology: a trilingual course.

It will be an LM-45 (Master's degree - 45), using terminology of Ministry of Education, University and Research, the new master's degree in Musicology is offered by the new joint degree between the University of Trento and the Bozen Free University. The new course of study, which will start in the 2016-2017 academic year as a collaboration between the Department of Literature and Philosophy in University of Trento and the Faculty of Sciences of Education in Bozen Free University,  is seen as a part of the wider Euro-regional project of collaboration between three participating universities - Trento, Bozen and Innsbruck. Like most of the Euro-region degrees, this degree will be trilingual, with the first year  to be taught in English  in Bozen.

The course is based on cutting-edge and innovative model, especially in the Italian environment, thanks to relations with the University of Innsbuck, which are still in process of being defined due to complicated legislations. The fact that this is planned as a trilingual degree is by itself innovative, since this will be the first trilingual degree in Musicology. Two specialization paths will be available: a philology, which is more classic, with the  curriculum in History and Criticism of Musical Texts (to be offered in Italian at the University of Trento), and a pedagogy and musical communication, with  the curriculum in Methodology of Communication and Musical Education (to be offered in Italian and German in Brixen). This course is designed mainly for  young students  in Communication and Training  at Bozen Free University. 

As indicated in the Manifesto of Studies, the admission process will involve a personal interview and a control of the language skills of the candidates: the  C1 level will be required in one of the three official languages, the B2 level in another,  with no requirement for any knowledge of the third language.

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Text: Nicola Pifferi


Translation: Olena Khaliman

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